Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to socks

I promised myself that I would do some different socks this year rather than the plain vanilla ones I have been doing. I have been using the U.S. 1 9" Hiya Hiya circulars and love them, but they have tightened up my gauge a fair bit. Okay, back to the drawing board to design a new sock that would fit nicely.

My first choice was Giles Sock which I thought would look amazing with self striping yarn.With adjustments of course. I started out with Addi 2.5 mm needles (I thought they were the stainless steel 2.25's until I got them). I like a looser top so I cast on 72 stitches and worked 20 rounds of rib. Since the pattern was a bit loose, I decreases down to 66 stitches for the leg and increased back up to 72 stitches before starting the heel. The heel was done Eye of Partridge on 36 stitches but this time I made sure it was square. This gave me more stitches to pick up from the heel flap and more room around the ankle. Of course I did the EZ shaped arch (I love the fit of this shaping) and toddled off to the end of sock one. Sock two is now in the works and hopefully won't take me quite as long.


I didn't continued the pattern down onto the foot because that usually annoys me when I wear the socks.

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  1. Very, very nice! I love EZ.....she was a very clever woman.