Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Introducing Dakota

I now have a new member of the family thanks to Daryl and Stuart. He is a cute 8 week old pup, lab/husky mix who is just beautiful. I have raised and trained dogs for 40 years but haven't had a pup in a while. He is a handful but I wouldn't give him up for the world.

Dakota is going to be trained to be my service dog. I have a severe sleep disorder and suffer from non REM and REM intrusions during the day. This means that I get 5-30 seconds of sleep intruding while I am awake. I have become used to the NREM intrusions but the REM ones are scary because I lose all muscle control and end up falling flat out. Dakota may be able to sense when these are going to occur, but since I don't know, I am not sure he will. In any event, he will be used to stabilize me and as a security for me when I go out. The last time this happened I fell in the middle of downtown and no one stopped to help me. That terrified me and I have pretty much been a shut in since. Dakota will at least protect me if I go down and I won't feel so helpless.

We have a lot of work in store for us but I am happy and looking forward to it. I was very down over the winter and I feel that now I have a new lease on life, thanks to Dakota.

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