Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am being stalked!

I thought kicking my ex out of the house would solve things, but no. In fact, things have become worse. He has been stalking me, keeping up on my every move, spying through my balcony window and watching me at night. He has threatened to get a gun and just start shooting everyone in the building. We have had the police involved but for some reason they don't want to press charges, and I can't get a peace bond because the justice of the peace thinks he should be charged! In the meantime, I live in my apartment with sheets over the windows, hiding from him.

The good news is twofold. I am moving into a subsidized apartment in the middle of August, which will give me some financial security. Also the building is a secure building, with buzzers to get in and cameras in the hallways. I will breathe a huge sigh of relief once I have moved, because even if he tries something, he will be videotaped and I will have proof for the police. Here he can walk right up to my apartment door and no one in the building will call the police because the landlord has told everyone that having the police here is grounds for an eviction. I have since learned that this is illegal, but it still has everyone scared. I am counting down the days to the move. I still plan on moving to Belleville, but for now I will still be living in Napanee. It isn't the best solution, but I really need to be in subsidized housing as I can't afford market rents on my own.

I have managed to pack quite easily. I started early and have been working on it about 2 - 3 hours a night. My fibromyalgia and kicked up but it has been manageable and I haven't crashed, so that is good. I don't have that much left to pack, so I am doing well in that department. I will leave most of the stuff packed after the move and just wait for my transfer to Belleville. I will be so happy to live in a city where I don't have to constantly be looking around to see if the ex is following me!

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  1. Gee Whiz! Here in America, stalking is highly illegal! We also have restraining orders here too. A disposible camera to take pictures of him when he's close might help you? A friend as a witness? Poor Kid! I hope all goes well with you! Hugs, Sheri *¿*