Thursday, May 10, 2012

Never say "Forever"

I never thought I would say this, but a short 4 months into the marriage I have to say that it is over. I just sit here shaking my head, amazed at how one person can change with the utterance of a few words at a wedding ceremony. And change he did and not for the better either. Controlling, domineering and downright miserable. He betrayed my trust in him and he is out the door. After having lived through a 10 year abusive first marriage, I am definitely in no mind to go through an emotionally abusive second marriage. Life is far too short for that.

So I am on my own again and enjoying my freedom. I have been machine knitting with a vengeance, enjoying my newfound freedom from a repressed creativity. It is amazing how one person can be so oppressive of another. I feel like I have been let loose from prison, enjoying all aspects of life anew and it is wonderful.The only thing lacking right now is my piece of mind, because he has been coming by and harassing me. I do have papers filed for a move out of town and am hoping that that will come into being really soon. Then I will be able to rest easy and really start my life over again.

Here is a top I just finished on the knitting machine.

This sweater was made for a charity that I knit for - Mittens for Akkol.

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