Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is coming and head to head with local businesses

It isn't quite here yet, but spring is coming and with it comes more outings with Dakota. I love spring and summer. I have more energy and am in less pain which means I get out more. And of course, Kota loves it because he just loves to work!

Yesterday we went out and stopped at a local shop that sells second hand items. I was stopped rudely at the door with a "Please don't bring that dog in here!". I calmly told the owner that Kota is a service dog and the Human Rights Code gives me permission to bring him everywhere with me. I got a dirty look from the owner as he rushed his two huge dogs into a back room! His reason was that his dogs would go crazy if Kota was in the store. I am pleased to say that Kota behaved well despite the smell of the other dogs and the close scrutiny of the owner :)

Another business owner of a Mac's Milk franchise also gives me a hard time. I ended up complaining to the mayor and now the owner just leans over the counter to make sure Kota doesn't touch any of the food. Now that spring is here I will be frequenting that store more often and loving exercising my rights :) In all honesty I do have to say that people have been very good for the most part, with just a few thrown in to keep me on my toes.

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