Friday, September 10, 2010

Making Progress

Things are going along albeit at a slower pace than I would like. My web site should be up shortly (fingers crossed). I was told it would be up yesterday, but it still isn't up .

In the meantime I have been working on the two Vortex shawls and a top for me.Am I ever glad I found my mistake when I cast on the shawl for Deb. Things work in mysterious ways sometimes. I am working the shawls continental but I find that I am having trouble purling, so the top is done in English style. Without realizing it, I had changed how I tension the yarn in my left hand. I just happened to look one day and I was tensioning it differently. Talk about letting your fingers do the walking!

Here is the Kauni Vortex shawl. I have to say that I really like this yarn. It is a bit course, like Shetland, but the colour changes are long and there is no sudden change in the colour way like I have found in other self striping yarns.

This is going to be big and just beautiful!

I have switched needles for the Colourmart angora/merino shawl which is coming along nicely. I had a bit of a problem tensioning at first because the yarn is a laceweight, but I am getting the hang of it now.

As you can see, with the finer yarn the holes open up a bit more. This should be a good size shawl as I have 1500 yards to work with.

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