Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A night in the dark

We had a thunderstorm last night and this is what I did for two hours in the dark with one lonely candle.

This is another Vortex shawl that I am knitting up for a friend. It is laceweight yarn from Colourmart, and beautiful angora/merino blend. She is a beginner knitter and wasn't all that comfortable with the fine yarn and the lace.

The power outage actually reminded me that I need to make more candles! I had one lonely candle to work by but I am glad that I at least had something light coloured on the needles which was easier to see. So today I will hopefully get some more candles made to have some just in case.

I had to chuckle. I was in the middle of making a sock on the knitting machine when the power went out. I merrily continued on for my 50 round leg without a problem and stopped when it came time to make the heel. I love hearing the sound of the knitting machine clicking past those last stitches so you know it is time to start the next row :)

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  1. I love that sound too! It's funny...hand knitting my candlelight seems appropriate, but machine knitting by candlelight sounds like a big nose-thumbing to the modern age, LOL. You don't need electricity (for most machines), AND you can go faster than by hand still! Got to love that!